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  1. Week 1 - Day 2 - Moderate speed, covered 2.57k today.  Pain in right ankle/heel and right calf.  Pushed through.

  2. Hi everyone, I am a running newbie. Roughly 10 years ago, I got down to a healthier weight (5' 10", 180 lbs) . Then surprise baby #3 came along. Nothing like having a baby at 45. There is a reason couples have kids in the 20's and 30's. I got a son in the bargain though :-). He is a lot of fun. I did the math and will be hitting Social Security age by the time he is out of college. Long and short is that in June 2019 I got back on the exercise band wagon so I will be around to see him grow up (nothing like a death in the family to motivate oneself). I have been weight trai
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