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    I have an Apple watch (series 3) and use the 10k PRO app in standalone mode. I love it since I no longer have a bulky phone to drag around. I have a cheap pair of bluetooth headphones I have paired with my watch. I'm able to use 10k Pro and listen to music I have stored on my watch just fine. The voice and audio cues are a little weak, but I can still hear them pretty clear, depending on the music. There doesn't appear to be anyway to adjust the volume of these cues. As to the haptic feedback, I can feel it when its time to switch walking/jogging although I did have to tighten my watch strap a little more than it usually is to be sure. The only real problem I seem to have is that the 10k Pro app wants to be the dominate app when you look at the watch, so switching songs is a bit of a pain as you have to scroll back to the music app each time. Plus changing the music volume using the watch dial doesn't always work right when playing music simultaneously with the 10K Pro app, it works just fine any other time so I know it's not the watch or the headphones.
  2. I would like to know the answer to this as well if anyone has one. I use 10k Pro (standalone on my Apple Watch 3) and when I complete a session and sync it with my phone I can see a map of where I've ran, but once I clear the screen I can't find anyway to view the map again. One solution I have found is to run the free version of Endomondo simultaneously, after the session I can go into the Endomonodo app on my phone to view the route I ran. The Endomondo app is nice as it will give you other metrics about your run and route. I've tried using the Apple Workouts app at the same time, but for some reason it doesn't record my route when I run it simultaneously with 10k Pro; but when I don't have 10k Pro running it records my location just fine? Seems like some sorta bug to me.
  3. I have the Pro version and it works fine with my Apple Watch (Series 3). If you can afford an apple watch you can afford a few dollars for the app. So far its the best interval training app I have been able to find. From my past experience with Google products there always seems to be some goofy reason things just don't work right; say what you will about Apple but I think their tight grasp on their product line definitely helps with compatibility.
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