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  1. susankorec@gmail.com

    Treadmill for now

    I'm just starting today. Hopefully you are going strong and ready for your first 5k. Do you have any tips to stay on track and motivated?
  2. susankorec@gmail.com

    Export to Calendar/When to Start Training

    Gosh, wouldn't that be helpful and motivating to see it hanging out there on the calendar.
  3. susankorec@gmail.com

    Step one in a long haul

    Hi, I'm Susan and my goal is to complete a 5k. I would prefer to run it but have TKR and not sure how running is going to play out for me. I may end up speed walking which is a sport I am keenly interested in but cannot find any local (Sacramento) groups or someone to hire as a coach while learning. So, I'm here, C25K will most certainly get me closer to my goal than doing nothing at all... hahaha. #wishmeluck to stick with my determinations.
  4. susankorec@gmail.com

    Let’s try this one more time

    Hang in there Ebony. I too have given up in the past. It's not a failure if you learn and grow each time. We will make it to the finish line this time!