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  1. Rosie Glowe

    Treadmill beginner help

    Thank you so much. Just been for a run on the treadmill as it’s a beautiful day here and even in the garage it was a good day!
  2. Rosie Glowe

    Training for 10K

    Week 4 of C210k - doing on the treadmill mostly as overweight and hate peoples seeing me run hoping to loose some weight and do a 10K on the the road by September
  3. Rosie Glowe

    Treadmill beginner help

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this so please bear with me. I’ve just finished week 4 of C10k and run VERY SLOWLY ! Im doing 4K walking pace and 6k jogging on the treadmill but once a week run outside ( no timing just do a 5k at what ever walking running pace intervals I can) im 53 3 stone over weight and very unfit but the app is helping me get fitter. hoping to do a full outdoor 10 K by September.