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  1. Hi, just introducing myself. My name is kimberly, i'm 25 years old and hate running (so far). I've never struggled much with my weight, I'm naturally pretty thin and don't do much exept for pilates touch football and volleyball to stay fit. With running being more popular than ever, people have been asking me to sign up with them for 5k runs, spartan races and other races such as prison break, expecting me to say yes right away. People give me the strangest look when I tell them I'm not a runner and that my cardio endurance is actually horrible. I can't even run 1 minute without having a litre of saliva in my mouth and side cramps. So that's why I'm giving this a try... I'm tired of the odd looks of people who don't get that you can have a runners body without actually being a runner. I want to be able to say "i'm in" and not be ashamed that I can't run like everyone else. I want to surprise my friends by running 5k at the end of june for charity. Wish me luck!
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