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  1. Today was my first attempt at Week 5, day 3. I did it without stopping and wasn’t dying when I was done. I feel pretty good for a 64 yo who just started running in December. I hadn’t run in 15 or more yests before that.
  2. I wondered if this was an error and it’s never gotten corrected so now we think it’s supposed to be like that?(g) I ran into issues after W5 D1 and had to drop back to week 2 and start back. Today I am back to Week 5 day 1. I’ll be doing the 20 min run this weekend. I’ll get thru it but it may take a couple of tries!
  3. I had to find a new Running Belt since my iphone 8 plus doesnt fit in the Flipbelt well. I found the Running Belt Max and I highly recommend it. The phone fits easily in the main zip pocket, the belt has a low profile and doesnt move at all when I run. I know there are 100s of these types on Amazon but I really like this one a lot.
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