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    Where to start after 10 days or so off due to illness

    I started back at it today. After much thought I decided to start where I left off. My thought was I don’t miss a beat and keep going on the road I was on, or it’s a disaster and I have to go way back but there is only one way to find out. Well i knocked it out of the park this morning. This was my best effort to date on C25K. For the first time I said to my self I can do this. I don’t know if it was determination, dumb luck or I have really come this far. I feel good about my progress for once.
  2. Last Thursday I completed Week 3 day 2. On Friday I got very sick due to one of my arthritis medications. I lost 6 pounds over the weekend. Could not eat, drink or hold down food or water for about 72 hours. Ended up in the ER on an IV and a whole mess of other things I won’t go deeper into. That was a week ago and although I’m on the mend I would imagine it will be about another 3 days before I am able to exercise again. Should I start up at Week 3 Day 3 like normal and see how I do? Or since there is a good chance I lost strength and stamina I was starting to build up should I go back in to week 2 maybe not the start of week 2 but maybe day 2 or 3 and work my way back up? I don’t won’t to regress but I don’t want to over do it either. Thanks in advance AA