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  1. I keep hearing that it's my time. Survived horrible divorce that drug on until the last child turned 18 (last year). All 3 kids are in college away from home. Empty nest...accept for the dog...keep hearing it's my time. So I will start this journey with the goals of completing one cycle b4 my 10/25 birthday with plans to run in a local 5k Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. Might have to repeat my mantra, "Don't quit on yourself. Can't finish if you never start."
  2. Been there & am on the same journey. I believe that taking back our lives starts from the moment we make US a priority. Richard Simmons used to say, "Nothing tastes as good as "healthy" feels (he used to say "skinny"), but I swapped it out for healthy. As we work on ourselves, the baggage falls away. Here's to your new normal!!
  3. I'm where you are! I believe that using this app will also help me to shed weight & the other baggage...let's do it!
  4. Yes. 3x a week is the recommendation. Congrats on your weight loss.
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