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  1. I have completed my first week of C25K. Last night my legs were sore, I hated most of the workout but it felt so good to have gotten through it afterwards. Today I stepped on the scale and after just over a week of training I have lost 3 lbs! So happy and I hope I can keep this up.
  2. Somehow I ended up doing week 3, day 1 on my first day trying this. Today was also my first time doing any kind of running for as long as I can remember. I noticed I was in week 3 nearly halfway through the workout, but did not feel like starting over so I went through with it, although moving at a snail’s pace. I guess this is karma since I did this without my husband, but I feel like if I brought him along he would run faster than me and make me feel bad.
  3. I have battled with being overweight since childhood, and have had plenty of highs and lows since that time. Just recently, I worked up the nerve to step on the scale again. This was no surprise to me, but I discovered that I am once again at my highest weight ever. In the past year, I have started a new job working long hours, have made plenty of major life decisions, and have gained over 20 lbs during that time. I would like to lose 30 lbs, possibly more, and learn to keep it off this time. I have tried dieting, exercise, etc. but have not been able to sustain healthy habits over time up to this point. I want this to be sustainable so I am aiming to lose 4-6 lbs per month.
  4. I used to be in the service and back then I hated running. Prior to that I was in cross country and I enjoyed it. I haven’t done a very good job of keeping up with a fitness routine since separating from the military 6 years ago. Just recently, I told myself “I can’t run.” I wish that wasn’t true and I would like to try again and see if I can find some joy in it.
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