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  1. Hi Sumaiyah! Working out on a slope will definitely take some extra effort, but you should still see improvement. This app should help you keep a better record of your growth, and if you're still not seeing any, don't be afraid to visit your doctor! Let them know that you're trying to get back in shape, but can't gain endurance, or can't maintain your breathing.. it could be something as simple as exercise induced asthma, which is pretty common, and easily managed. It shows up as sudden fatigue and shortness of breath when running. Let us know how things work out! Best of luck! Scott
  2. ScottM

    Big man

    Hi Ejim! Just keep stretching and get some walking in on the off days, you're off to a great start! Best, Scott
  3. Hi! Yes, that's exactly what you should do, repeat until complete! When I quit smoking jogging was really hard for me, so I did a lot more walking than running. The app has a good plan to get you running, but if its too difficult in the beginning, don't be afraid to slow it down to a pace that makes you comfortable.. with your heart and lungs getting back into the rhythm of things the last thing you want is to rush it! I also found that getting a walk in on the other 4 days of the week dramatically improves how fast I can pick up jogging. My biggest hurdle was my breathing, so the extra little activity helped get my lungs used to the experience. Best of luck! Scott
  4. ScottM


    Same here! Just turned 30 and I remember a time when I was doing 5 miles a day. Now it's time to stop being so lazy and get my butt back in shape! Lol Best of luck! Scott
  5. Hi Evpilla! I'm really bad about maintaining a consistent schedule, but I figured out if I start listening to some of my running music earlier in the day then I have more energy around the time I try to run. It makes me much more likely to actually go and do it. Best, Scott
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