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  1. So... this is it - posting my first running goal here for the world to see. I'm currently on week 4 and going strong on the 5 minute mark. I can see how the mind might be the key... I'm determined to keep my mental activity positive when running and have just started listening to the radio when I run in the mornings (Chris Evans on Radio 2, for any Brits reading!!) as it keeps my mind off my breath and legs getting tired. Any tips or links to correct breathing techniques greatly appreciated.
  2. I have tried to start running so many times over the years but have always given up - lung collapse, painful knees, lack of motivation... many of the usual stories. I have been blessed with a physique that means I look fit even when I don't feel it, and have always been active (yoga, hiking, occasional swimming) but now I'm in my 40s and got married this year, it felt like a 'now or never' moment to start building my aerobic fitness. I have a number of friends of relatives who run everything from marathon to 5km and I'd always thought 'running's not for me'. I moved to Denmark two years ago, and there are always people running in the city - which is as flat as a pancake (which helps!) so I finally got myself measured for a decent pair of running shoes (thus solving the knee issues!) and joined them... felt so proud of myself earlier this week when I broke the 5 minute barrier for the first time in my life and I'm sharing here so I keep the motivation to keep it going.
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