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    Hi, I'm 68 and just finished W5D3. I was so scared last night that I couldn't fall asleep and then I just yelled at myself and decided that I will have no judgement. Just do the best I can. Well I did it. Ran the 20 minutes with no problems, so excited... I run a bit faster than a turtle but I figure that I'll work on the speed after I build up my endurance. On to W6.
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    I am starting on Week 4 next week. It hasn't been real difficult. I have always worked out but had a set back in my life in 2013 which changed my outlook on life and I quit working out. I have never liked running and I am hoping to lean how to like or even love it. I am 53 years old and really want to have a new passion in my life. How do you learn to love to run?
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