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  1. Hello! The quick and dirty: my name is Marina. I'm an avid sailor currently racing a 38ft yacht. I've always been relatively healthy in terms of physical health, however, I've struggled with my mental health for about 5 years now. The most common advice I get in regard to fighting depression and anxiety is to exercise. So in conjunction with my 2 days of sailing a week I have finally decided to start running. A very different pace and type of exercise but one I have been dreaming of doing. Literally. Lately I have been dreaming of running and waking up actually craving to go for a run, even though I've never been a runner. Weird, right? But who am I to deny my apparent hearts desire when I practice mindfulness so stringently. My goals include improving my mental health generally, practicing better accountability (finishing things I start), and losing my winter indulgences so I can squeeze back into my bikini in time for summer. But mostly mental health. Everything else is a bonus. W1D1 was good, I wasn't exhausted or discouraged to continue.
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