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  1. I use my fitness pal to log my calories and exercise, but it seems limited in finding the correct type of exercise.. Im thinking of downloading C25K pro to sync but is it worth it? I dont want to wipe out my history (and pay for an app) for nothing. Thanks!
  2. I had a breakthrough yesterday. I found my stride and wanted to keep running. Unfortunately I have shin pain so I had to hold back a bit. I'm hoping to get into my running store this weekend though
  3. I didn't realize I could uncheck them! Oops! And the daycare was closing early for some reason. I just picked the wrong time to go.
  4. i'm halfway through week three, but it showing that I've completed days a week four. Anyway to remove them as completed days?
  5. I started using the app about six weeks ago, but this will be the week I finally finish week three. Found out today my gym daycare was only giving me 15 minutes so I had to drop some time from my warm-up and skip a 90 sec running session and replace it with a three minute. But for the first time I felt energized and didn't want to watch the clock. For some reason, Zenlabs keeps recording that I'm completing week four rather than week three. Anyone else experienced that?
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