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    As far as I know, you decide the days. 
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    As you gear up to get started on your running routine, one of the most important things that you might be asking yourself is where to do your runs. While some people have a srong preference of either the treadmill or outside, others may not be so sure.
    Is one better than the other? Would you see enhanced results running outdoors compared to on a treadmill? Or perhaps the treadmill is better?
    By understanding the differences between the two, you can make a more informed decision on where to do your runs.
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    Hi, first of all let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a 24 year old (female) trying to get into shape. I'm 5'5" and weight 162 lbs. I don't really like number goals as number isn't important to me I just want to feel healthier and more confident, but if I had to put a number I'd like to get to about 130-135. Anyway, a few questions I have are: 
    Is it okay to run 5 days a week? I personally enjoy the running once I get into the zone. Yesterday I did 40 minutes of jogging/running/walking mixed together without stopping. I know it is good to take rest days in between but I feel like it might hurt my motivation. 
    Is is there a time in the day that it's better to run? I've heard before that running in the morning can boost your metabolism for the whole day, but I didn't know if that was factual or not. 
    Lastly, is losing 30 pounds a realistic goal for someone my size? I'm not obese but I do feel like I'm overweight. I used to be skin and bones but I started eating all the wrong things in way too big portions. (I am also not eating fast food anymore and am trying to adhere to a 1300 calorie a day "diet". I am also drinking nothing but water) 
    Thank you for reading my first post here on the forums and good luck to anyone reading on their fitness journey  
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    The answer is - walking. Normal speed but include 10sec burst of speed walking. In a week or two you will be able to speed walking 20 and 30 sec intervals.
    Then you can try to jog - it is very similar to walking, but there is an interval when your both legs are of the ground. It is not easy switch from sedimentary life style to active moving but it's worth it. I know what I am talking about - I did this switch when I got 55yo
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    I'm just starting Week 5, so I'm no expert, but I've noticed a few things help me with regards to hitting that wall...
    1) Pace: Holding back a bit on those initial run portions and going all out in that final minute keeps me from tiring out early and helps me look forward to that final minute when I get to let go.
    2) Rest: Sometimes a run is particularly hard and it helps to have that day in between to recover both physically and mentally.
    3) Heat: I find it a bit easier to run later in the evening when it's cooler.
    5) Shin Splints: While sitting with your feet off the ground in front of you, trace the alphabet in the air, moving only at your ankles. Super easy to do throughout the day, at the desk, while watching TV, etc.
    Hope some of that works for you too! Best of luck!
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