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    Just finished Day 2. Want to finish the program. That is my goal. 
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    Increase cadence to 170 to 180 strikes a minute and shorten stride length to attain that.... this will slow you down and you can breathe through your nose.  use a metronome for the cadence     Concentrate on the nasal breathing...... dont try to run faster,  that will come as you progress..    Do breathing exercise during the day, and yoga is very good.
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    So. Today. I'm in Week 5, Day 1. Super Cold out (40 degrees), high altitude. Which I am used to. 2nd running session and my right side was killing me. It's from lack of oxygen. I was so stiff running today because of the cold. Major stitch in the Side. Started walking and breathing deep. Not through your mouth. Through your diaphragm. Hold your tummy and breathe through your chest with your mouth closed.
    Do this a few times a day too and this will help. I set a timer for 3 x a day and breathe deep for a few minutes. At first you will get dizzy but it will subside. Do you you realize how much we don't breathe DEEP????? It will increase your metabolism too. Breathe in , out. Breathe in 3 times, let it out the same way. 3 times in, blow out. keep doing it. Also breathe in, hold, hold, hold, let out. Look up Oxycise. It works. We never use our lungs to capacity.
    Are you sitting here ? Are you breathing?, not deep enough EH??? Now breathe deep. It oxygenates the blood. Which increased circulation, which increases metabolism. Try it.
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