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  1. Ok... I'm going to run my 1st 5k on June 17th and I started running last week. Wow! 8 years ago my doctors put me on semi-bed rest for a year just to try and calm the all over inflammation down. Went from an athlete and trainer to a couch potato over night. So now that my illnesses are under control, my daughter talked me into doing 5k's all summer! I want to say I'm over - the -moon excited.... but I'm a bit nervous. Well, here I go! Have run 3 days overt the past week and I'm not dead! WOOT WOOT
  2. I feel ya! I was a fitness trainer and athlete until medical issues put me on semi-bed rest for a year. That was 8 years ago. Last week I chose to train for a 5k on June 17th. Good luck to you and congrats on a healthier you!!!