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  1. Hi Srijan! Today was my Day 1. Saw you posted on April 23rd. Hope you've been able to stick with it, but if not, that's okay! Today is another day and so is tomorrow. I, too, struggle with mild depression for which I am currently taking medication for. Hope you are well and are successful on your journey to complete a 5k in July! Take care!
  2. Hello all! This is my first C25K. I ran/walked the Flying Pig 5k a couple of years ago but my goal with this is to run the entire 5k. I have no desire to eventually become a long distance runner. To be honest, I hate running! I'm doing this to lose weight, become a healthier me, to hopefully help with fertility issues and to feel better about myself on my trip to Hawaii in September! Hoping to gain some accountability partners and to become further motivated by others' success! Looking forward to chatting with you all and good luck! We got this!!
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