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  1. Thanks Kelly, really enjoy it which helps, the coughing has subsided and the 5 min runs arent too bad, even though the 2nd 5mins is tougher... and the run pace is slower... Thanks again, Nick
  2. First time running for a longer distance, seem to cough a little when i get home, is this normal. I dont smoke or anything... thanks
  3. Hi, really good tips on here... As above im on week3 day3, and i find when im waiting for the 'start walking' running the 3 minutes seems harder. I try not to think about it and forget where i am within the 3 minute time if that makes sense... On the cool down i run as i feel i can do this easier as i know its just a cooldown... At the moment its more of a jog than a run, but hopefully i can pick up the pace as it goes along... hoping for 7mph??? Thanks
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