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  1. Well yesterday would have been the day for W1D2.. But my ankle was still sore, so I went for a nice long bike ride instead. Today I feel great. Totally up for W1D2, but now I'm back at work for my next set. Working 7.30am-7:30pm just doesn't leave any time for running that I can find right now. Not without losing a bunch of extra sleep. Same shift tomorrow. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure something out.
  2. Hello all! Nothing like signing up for a 5 mile obstacle course to motivate me to get off my butt! I've completed W1D1. and will do W1D2 tomorrow. I have a tendency to get excited and do to much too soon, so I am mentally prepping myself now to repeat week 1 regardless of how i feel, just as a precaution. Especially because I am running for the first time in 4 years, and am recovering from a torn ankle ligament. I am a nurse and work shift work, 4 on 4 off, so would love some tips about how to balance running with a highly physical job. Also how many days between runs is too many? Looking
  3. Thank you for your support and concern ladies! This C25K program comes after 3 years of Physio and gradually increasing my activity after a torn ligament in my ankle. I am starting cautious and am prepared to repeat days and weeks as necessary to keep my progress steady and sustainable. Mostly just exited to be trying it!
  4. Ooh! I feel ya! I've had crippling plantar fasciitis before. In both feet. My tips 'n' tricks: 1) be kind to yourself. If your feet hurt take a break and don't beat yourself up (this was a hard one for me) 2) you can never stretch your calves too much. 3) first thing before you get out of bed: stretch your calves, massage the bottoms of your feet 4) freeze a water bottle and roll it under your arches when your feet are sore 5) if your feet are up for it, use your bare toes to scrunch up a towel. Feels like toe push ups 6) swim! Aqua aerobics! Bike! Do all kinds of non-weightbearing exerc
  5. Hi gang, first day with C25K. Excited. Managed it. Injuries just force you to listen to your body more. I'm listening and my body says "Get off the couch!!!"
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