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  1. I was looking for an email address on the Zen Labs webpage and the contact link is just a form, no direct email contact. I tried the contact form and didn't get a response. Thanks for the email address.
  2. So, C25K seems to be burning through my battery, even when I turn off back ground app refresh. I've don't workouts in the last week, the last being Monday morning, but the app accounts for 16% of may battery usage in the last 24 hours (all after I finished my workout yesterday morning, 17.3 hours of background usage, 0 time one screen) and 17% of my battery usage for the last week (1.2 hours on screen, so my two workouts, and 114.6 hours of background usage!). I have background app refresh turned off, and had location services set to "while using the app" until the last iOS beta software update. Why is C25K using so much of battery, especially when I'm not using the app? Do I need to find an alternative that isn't gathering so much data about me and not running when it doesn't need to be? Link to private imgur post with battery usage screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/fnqOn
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