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  1. Happy to say that I just completed week 5 day 1 successfully! Looking ahead is quite daunting... But I know I'll get there in the end
  2. I definitely can relate, Mandy!! I just finished week 4 day 2... Somehow it was harder than week 4 day 1, ugh! I'm thinking I'll probably repeat week 4, because I've definitely struggled more with it than any other weeks. Then again, I suppose there's no problem with trying week 5 straight away, not getting through it and then deciding to go back to week 4. I'm sure we can both get through it in the end, even if it takes a little longer! Good luck
  3. @tori - I've been running outdoors, but planning a route in advance so that I end up home when I finish and @Trish, thanks for the advice! When I did today's run it was in the early evening before dinner, and I preferred that to getting up early anyway! @Dess, that is so encouraging, thank you!! Today was harder than the first day because I took a route with more hills and my legs still ache from the first day... BUT I made sure to create a 'best of Rick Astley' playlist, which made it a bit better haha!
  4. Hi everyone! I'm a 23 year old woman from Australia who wants to learn how to enjoy running... I just did week 1 day 1 yesterday, and my legs are ridiculously sore today! My husband has kindly agreed to run with me, despite the fact that he's already fit from playing lots of sports - yesterday he didn't even break into a sweat... meanwhile, my face looked like a wet tomato haha! One question for anyone who has advice - if you get up in the morning to do your run, is it better to eat breakfast before or after? Good luck all, I know I'll need it!!
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