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    I love my Ryka's. They have a wider than average toe box which is important for me.
  2. I tried the RockMy Run too and it had too many commercials and I find it to be pricey. I have Comcast so downloaded the Music Choice app. Logged in with my Comcast ID and have commercial free no cost music. Lots of channel choices too. If you have a TV provider that has the MC channels you can get this free. I just start the music then c25k and it works great. No problem hearing the cues.
  3. Personally I follow weight watchers online which helps guide choices and portion control. I still have chocolate but in moderation and I plan for it. Probably a combination of being active and eating no or fewer sweets would work for you. Or just make up your mind that chocolate is not for you! Mind over matter!
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