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  1. Thanks Mea Mia, I'm just not sure if I've warmed up or cooled down properly. I've followed the appt, 5 min brisk walking then 5 min walking cool down at the end, but is this enough or have I been just unfortunate?
  2. Hi, looking for advice. I completed my 30 min workout on Monday week1,day1. I rested Tuesday, intended doing day 2 weds but the top back part of my right leg has been extremely painful that I wasent able to do day2. I could hardly sleep last night for the pain. Hope I don't have to give up!
  3. Thanks TrishE, good to know your here for help & advice x
  4. Thanks for the encouragement Mia, will let you know how I do x
  5. I'm 55 yrs old & carrying too much weight. I would love to lose weight & get fit. I loved running when I was younger so this appt. and form of fitness appeals to me. I just started the programme today and intend doing Wednesday, & Friday this week. Wish me luck
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