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  1. how is ur bursitis? my mum had that. she could barely walk let alone jog. she got no success from the dr about it and i convinced her to try a massage at this place that chiropractors work but do massages too...she had about 3 or 4 massages, pretty close together, and he told her to sleep on the other side of the bed and she is as good as gold now! amazing improvement in like only a week! as for the jogging, i am new to this also. i was supposed to start week 4 today but i wasnt happy with week 3 as i couldnt jog successfully for 3 minutes at once...2 minutes was the most i could do and that was pushing very hard. so i decided i would repeat week 3. i will see how i am at the end of this week as to whether i will move on to week 4, but even just today ive gone from 2 mins to 2.5 minutes so im improving :-)
  2. Hi! I'm 44 years old and i have just started this c25k app on my phone. i have NEVER jogged or ran in my life. in fact i have never been what u would describe even remotely as 'sporty'. my main fitness is walking but i usually only do it when im trying to lose weight, i never maintain it :-( so....jogging for me is completely 'out there' and i have NO idea what i am doing. I have completed Week 3 where u jog for 90 seconds and then walk for 90 seconds then jog for 3 mins and then walk for 3 mins (all that times 2) plus of course the 5 min walk warm up and cool down. thing is...i cant jog for 3 mins yet. so after Week 3 is over i didnt see the point in going on to Week 4 which has like a 5 minute jog in it when i can't even jog for 3 mins yet. so i decided i should repeat Week 3....in the hope that i would then be ready to proceed to Week 4 next week....so today was Day 1 and my first rotation i got to 2.5 mins of jogging and in the 2nd rotation i did 2 mins then walked for 30 seconds (at the same speed as jogging - 6.0kph) and then jogged for the last 30 seconds. that was the absolute best i could do. at this stage i cant see me doing the 3 mins successfully by Day 3...so what then? also when u want to repeat a week is there some way to go back in the app or do u just have to keep track of what ur doing in your head? a friend who is also doing the c25k told me to breathe in thru my nose right down to my belly then blow out twice while i jog. i find i get queasy when jogging and i think its from the breathing. is this the right way? any other breathing tips? and lastly i have found the last 2 times i am jarring my upper shoulders and neck and they are feeling stiff now....is my technique wrong? how do i prevent this from happening? i am jogging both outdoors and also on a treadmill to prevent boredom and i do have good running shoes. any tips would be much appreciated... i feel like its doing my head in becoz im not able to do the 3 mins jogging and i feel like a failure which then turns into a mind-game where i am then telling myself that i CANT do it....argh! oh, and i weigh about 65 kilos (about 10 kilos overweight) if that makes a difference to anything up there ^^^^^ tia
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