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  1. I'm 62 and I never thought I could do this. I'm overweight and need a knee replacement. I'm on Week 3, day 2. Three minutes was hard but I did it. You will amaze yourself!! Good luck!
  2. My friend asked me one day if I would do a 5k. In the past I found every excuse not to do it. I found myself feeling upset and jealous that she could run half marathons and I couldn't. I need a knee replacement and i have osteoporosis so I thought just forget it. It's easier to feel sorry for yourself. Well this time when she asked me I said yes. She showed me the C25k app. The first 60 second jog I thought I would die but I did it. She did it with me. Tears of joy!! I'm now on week 3 day 2 and 3 minutes seems like an eternity!!! The 5k is November 5th!
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