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  1. This may sound like fad diet blasphemy, but there is such a thing as good fat. You may not be able to find them lurking in the bakery section, but you can find them and turn them into delicious alternatives so both your taste buds and the rest of your body gets what it needs. One of foods that deliver a dose of these healthy fats are avocados, which you can mash, sprinkle with your favorite seasoning and use as an alternative sandwich spread. There is also salmon, all natural peanut butter, olive oil, nuts, nut oils and flax seed oil. visit www.weightlosssimplified.org
  2. It is okay to balk at the idea of eating the same stuff on a regular basis. It sounds horrible, but it's actually something we often do already and it makes it easier to remember what gives you the best nutrition for a healthy diet overall -- not just for one meal. Moreover, it only sounds horrible. It's actually quite easy to do and still get variety. Just try it! Imagine you are having a veggie stir-fry sautéed in olive oil for dinner. Next week, make a garlic seasoning base. The week after, give it a tomato paste base. The next week, use the same ingredients to make veggie pancakes! There is no reason consistency has to be boring. visit www.weightlosssimplified.org
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