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  1. M.E.D. Motivation - Matthew 8:18-22 (Following Christ comes at a cost. It is important to count the cost. For example, with my first day starting my run for God, I have to realize that every day it's going to be a challenge. Every day will present new excuses to quit or new excuses to just not give my best. I will even have to make sacrifices. There will be other things that I have to give up in order to ensure that I stay on track with my run for God.) Exercise- C25K W1D1 ( today I completed week one day one of the couch to 5K app. It pretty much started with 60 seconds of runni
  2. Many people have various reasons why they want to begin a workout or dietary changes, but for way too long, fear of failure has held me back. Follow me as I journey through My Run for God. I will be sharing my little and big accomplishments along the way. For me My Run For God has 3 Components (M.E.D.): 1) Motivation - Devotional Thoughts and Encouraging Quotes 2) Exercise - Regular C25K and Miscellaneous Strength training workouts 3) Dietary - Heavy on the good things, less of the bad. If you want to add your own encouragements or met goals, please do. You can also follow m
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