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  1. I just finished Week 3 Day 2 and I'm feeling stronger and like I have more energy. I'm able to keep up with my almost two year old a little better! I've lost three pounds, not stellar but I'll take it! I love the rest days built in to protect from injury. This program seems really doable. I've been running on the roads around my house, but am looking at a used treadmill tonight. I don't want to get too derailed when cold weather and snow start to hit. Good luck to everyone!
  2. I'm in Week 3 and has a similar experience! I have two dogs, one an older Pitt/Sharpei mix and a smaller Papillion mix who is overweight. The Pitt mix I had to leave home during running days. I'll take her with for walks on "rest" days though. Her joints just can't handle it. The little dog I thought would be able to do it, but he was dragging yesterday on the second half. I was able to let him just trail behind because I was using a more flexible leash. I'm hoping he can continue to improve like I have and keep up, if not I guess it'll be walks for him on rest days too!
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