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  1. I use to hate running but this program changed my mind up until now! I've been stuck on week 6 day 2 and dreading the rest. I haven't been able to complete the 22 min run without stopping for a few minutes and I'm so slooooowwww! I think it's all in my head but I don't know how to change my way of thinking!
  2. I experienced the same issue during W5 D3. I ran for an eternity but according to the app I had only been running 3 1/2 minutes! Runkeeper and the iPhone health app showed I had run 10min longer then I was given credit for. I have an IPhone 6S running 10.0.2
  3. I agree with DebsA. Audiobooks keep me going. I struggled with W5D3. Although I was moving at a slow pace, I still had to stop 3 times for about 30 sec during the 20 min run. Looking forward to W6D1!
  4. I had the same problem. I had been cruising through the program up until W5D3. I felt like I was going to die after the first 12 min at a snails pace. I had to walk a few minutes then struggled through the remaing 5. Thought about repeating the run but I've decided to put it behind me & move on to W6D1 (which should be a cake walk in comparison!) By the way, I'm 43, at my ideal wt and exercise regularly.
  5. My 8 y/o Pitbull has achy joints and has a hard time getting around after exercising. I've been taking him around the neighborhood until the app announces the "halfway" alert. Then I drop him off at home and continue the remainder of the run without him. I'm on week 5 day one. As the training progresses to longer running, less walking I plan to leave him home all together.
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