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  1. Thanks everyone, i have explore various type of exercises. I started with weight training while continuing consume protein, cause people said that it is easier for fat people to gain muscle than the skinny people. After i think i am bulk enough due to the weight training, then i stop consume protein shake and i start running on the treadmill. I thought i can get ripped but unfortunately i loose my weight again cause i loose my muscle as much i loose my fat. So now, even i do running, i do consume protein before, during and after, even before bedtime.
  2. my story might be different, im struggling to gain weight. so i stop smoking, i eat almost everything and i drink protein shake. then im gaining around 40lb from my original weight. but at the early stage i look fat, then i start to go to the gym, unfortunately im loosing weight. im still exploring variety of workout regime and nutrition to maintain my body weight and figure. i could say that i have achieve that but i think i could do better.
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