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  1. I'm in week 7 of c25k and I am reading up on 13.1 training. I'm wondering if half marathon and marathon runners take walk breaks during the race. I guess I didnt realize this. I'm wondering what the 13.1 training app is like but can't find a free schedule. other free schedules say to take walk breaks. so maybe experienced runners break up a Marathon with walk breaks? interested in our progress.

  2. I used to tell people I was allergic to exercise... break out in sweats, dizzy, light headed. ;) you know. I tried the app and wow! here I am ready for day 6-3! I've even looked forward to every run (well I was worried about 5-3) but made it! doing every run as the sweet little voice tells me to. I'm so excited to run my first 5k on August 20. just registered today. thank u so much c25k!

  3. I am exactly the same. the only run I have been worried about was 5-3. the halfway snuck right up but then it was a tuff finish but I did it. week 6 has been done. tomorrow is 6-3 so a little nervous. I too have thought that I can redo a day if need be. I just registered for my 5k which is a week after I would finish the app. I love this app!!

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