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  1. Hi my name is Sandy and I started this program this last winter. I started and finished the program on a treadmill, since it gets really cold up here and there was a lot of snow and ice. I participated in a 5k in May. Finished in 50 minutes, not bad considering I hadn't trained outside. I have restarted the program, wanting to complete the whole training this time outside and to improve my time. Which isn't going very well with all of the rain we have been getting. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind running in the rain but we live in the country, and with the rain our dirt road turns muddy and slimy. I have signed up for a couple of more 5Ks and I will beat my time. With out this program I know I couldn't say that. Best part is I have lost 20 lbs. so far.
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    Hi I'm Sandy. I am 45. I started the C25K program earlier this year graduated from the program did a 5k in May and finished it in 50 min. I have signed up for a couple of other runs now also. I am starting over again to get my times to be better. I do know that without this program I would have given up on running along time ago. I love this program, and keep telling all of my friends and family that they should try it.
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