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  1. Hi all! I am JudyC. I am 4'11" and 216 lbs. will be 58 next month. I have Always been overweight, honestly do not recall ever being a normal, healthy weight. I started C35k yesterday. I was surprised that could actually finish it, felt great! It was hard, I was thinking I was working too much, but did not let myself talk me out of finishing it, and just stroll through it. I have been feeling hopelessly unfit and never being able to get to s healthy weight. I so want to finish this program. I tried once 5-7 years ago, felt great and found I loved interval training. However I stopped at week 3 or 4. So much harder this time around ...but, not impossible. I cannot even imagine being 120-125 lbs! I have no idea what it will be like. ANYWAY, asking for help to not give in to the hopelessness, but to keep plowing forward. I feel bad, cause got so busy that I did not do next day...should I do this everyday..or is it better every other day? I really only gVe Mon, Tues and Thursday to do this, is that going to be okay? I can do some strength training and flexibility work Wednesday, Friday and the weekend. Okay? I have gone on enough.....just wanted to pop in and see if I can get connected with some others who may have been where I am today. Anyone? THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!
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