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  1. Ugh, story of my life here. Used to be a ballet dancer and now getting back to health from letting myself go after getting married and having two kids. First thing to remember is some people, like me, will alway have thicker muscular thighs. Grasshopper legs, if you will. Second thing to remember is stretch, elongate the muscles, and less weight more reps. This will prevent the muscles from bulking up and keep them lean and tone.
  2. I, too, have never ran in my life. I always said that if you see me running, then something is chasing me. I used to be a ballet dancer, and still feel in my heart the freedom it brought me when on the stage. Now I have two kids and been fat and happily married for 10 years and let myself go. But no more! Just finished day 2 today and it hurt like hell was reaching up from underground, but I did it.
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