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  1. Literally just finished week 3. It was not so bad.Added weight training to my schedule. Went too hard and paid for it. Apparently 5 sets was overdoing it! How is week 4?
  2. Great work Renee PW. Just finished week 3 myself. I agree it was hard!
  3. Hows it going everyone?! Week 2 was ok- started some weight training with 15 pound weights. Squats, and another leg exercise that made me SO sore. Anyone else adding weight training to their schedule?
  4. How is it going? Finished wk 1 here. Excited!
  5. Wk 1 day 3 tomorrow! Wondering how much harder week 2 will be.
  6. Yes! Another over 50 starter here. I have been watching several 30 something family members getting into shape using this program. Not telling them about my dream to run a 5k in case it doesn't happen. So glad to have found this thread for support and encouraging words and advice. Go team!!
  7. I just finished the first day. Feeling good and going to follow through with the program! My biggest challenge will be taking that rest between runs. Thinking I will lift weights to build strength on the off days, or bike. Here's to everyone getting out there and trying!
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