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    I just completed my first 5k run, right in the 30 minutes allocated time.
    I have to say it felt really good.
    To give you a little background, I'm 35 years old, and I have not done any real sports... for most of my life.
    I started somewhere in May, last year . Ever since then, I ran each week until I felt confident about moving on to the next one.
    For me it was mostly about getting in shape and safely reaching the 5k point.
    So about one year later, I am at the point that I can make the 5k run, without any breath issues or pains.
    And yeah, I did drop some weight as well which is nice.
    Now I will slowwwwly move towards the 10k program, hopefully I will return in a year with another success story.
    To conclude, here is a picture of the place I first ran the 5k challenge.

    Have fun!
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