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  1. Hey y'all my name is Kaitlyn and I'm 19. I currently live in Florida and since I graduated I've gained 50 lbs. I loved weightlifting but the college expenses are getting in the way of me going to the gym because of the gym membership fees. I currently try to follow a paleo or primal diet but have slip ups now and then. I plan on using this app, and I also use pumpup for another fitness community and twogrand for food logging via pictures (i always felt discouraged whenever I saw how any calories something was). I wish I could do cross fit, but dang, it's expensive. Former swimmer and softball player. I never liked running but I figure that might as well do something to get moving. I just wanna be a smaller version of myself at the moment, so that's why I figured running is for me. I do have a question for y'all though. How do you make the runs not so boring? Do you think about other things, music, etc?
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