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  1. I used to be really fit. I've completed 5 Beach Body programs and I used to be in Kickboxing. Unfortunately, I have -huge- problems with accountability and motivation. I'm famous for going on health kicks where I always SWEAR that "this time is for real!" and then, every time, I fall off the wagon. For the first few weeks I do such a good job, I am so motivated and on track and I stick to my program so well. I hate myself for doing this every time... frown emoticonIt makes me so angry at myself! My biggest dream in life has always been to be fit and healthy. I want to hike the PCT and compete in the Tough Mudder challenge. I spend so much of my time feeling exhausted and sick. I get tired running up the stairs to answer the phone! I know that every time I get in shape, I feel so amazing...so why don't I stay in shape?! I don't want to continue down this path, where I am 170lbs at only 31 years old (five foot six) and losing my teeth because of the amount of sugar I eat. I'm so, so addicted to junk food, especially candy and pop. But I know I can do this. I want this time to be the time for REAL that I make a PERMANENT lifestyle change. I'm really looking forward to having help and motivation here.
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