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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Over the weekend I sat down and made a calendar that includes all games (football and both soccer schedules) and my husband's schedule. While doing that I also scheduled my days to run. It's was alot easier than I thought. So Saturday I decided to start the program over again. Without realizing it until I was done, I completed W2D1 and did fairly well. I ended 2 runs a little early but feel sure I can get right back on track with the next run. Getting out of bed ealier - possible but I'm already getting up @ 5:30 every morning. Running during lunch break - not going to happen right now. That's almost like having a death wish because in the "deep" south we have high temps and high humidity. When it cools off, it would be nice. Running during practices - that a good idea and I tried it yesterday. I only finished half of my program due to storms rolling in. I normally run at 7p so running at 4:30 was a bit of a change. Again thanks for your suggestions.
  2. I have two very active teens. One playing college soccer and the other playing 3 sports between jr high & high school. Between getting up @ 5:30 to be at work @ 7 and very busy afternoons, I'm finding it hard to make time for myself. It was easier when they weren't in school. I was able to get home, cook dinner, eat, and then do my runs around 7p when it cooled off some. Now that we aren't getting home until almost 7p, it's hard to find the time for running. When do you find time to run?
  3. I started C25K almost 4 weeks ago. I did really well moving forward (repeating some days) until W2D2. After completing the workout, I noticed my knees and shins hurt more than normal. Went to the doctor to find out I had tendonitis in my knees or at least that's what he diagnosed me with since my knees checked out ok. He prescribed 6 weeks of PT. A co-worker practices Reflexology so I had her work on me. After 3 sessions along with ice and rest, me knees no longer hurt. Granted I have been doing nothing for almost 2 weeks now...no walking and no running. I really believe for a person that hasnt exercised in over a year and one that has never been a runner, I was pushing myself too hard and too fast. I really wanted to keep up with the program. This set back has made me realize that it's ok to take it slow, repeat days/weeks as needed, and it is also important to take the rest days to allow my body time to rest. I plan to begin walking again next week to see how things go and hopefully restart the program the following week. Looking for a buddy/group to help with daily motivation and questions as they arise. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Selena
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