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  1. I'm want to start my program on the 5th. These are my reasons not to: Average temperature is 104 degrees I homeschool my kids- even in the summer I am the caregiver for my 82 yo father I am smack in the middle of menopause, and apparently, my symptom is going to be insomnia. I wake up exhausted every day. I am carrying 60 extra pounds. These are my reasons not to begin.... but these reasons are why I so desperately need to begin!!!! I don't have a support system, and I'd appreciate any encouragement or advice you can share!
  2. Hi Gang! I'm facing w1d1 tomorrow. I've had a ten year hiatus from running. I have allowed 2 children and 2 aging parents distract me, but no more. I'm planning to get up while it's still dark and before anyone has an emergency. I've joined a little gym with treadmills, so I can't blame it on the weather. I feel less alone and frightened about being able to accomplish this after reading your posts. Thanks!
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