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  1. Running C25k on Apple Watch1. App doesn’t send voice or hipatic unless screen is on. Am I suppose to run holding my wrist up the entire time?2. App drops to back and puts my other running apps in front of it. Yes I have settings to show last current used app. So now if I drop my watch to a running position not only does the app not send ques, now I have to search for it each time I try and view it.3. How do I turn off 1 minute left and half way done warnings?What I need is the app to stay as the most currently used app on top while I am working out. I need hepatic and sound ques whether the sc
  2. This app is so inconsistent. Some times this happens to me, other times everything works perfectly. make sure you have all the sound features on the watch on. Go into app and make sure sound setting are turn on. Then while running make sure all other apps are closed. This works most of the time or at least some times with me. I would jump ship to another app If I could find a more consistent one. This one I never no if my run is going to be awesome or frustrating
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