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  1. Sorry, I logged on with Facebook and didn't realised it wasn't the way I've done it before, it's Linita&i again
  2. Djplong, all very logic and rationalised reasons to back up the idea that nothing big really happened, just baby steps, though it's still pretty inspiring, and I'm sure I'm not the only impressed one! Have you done any half marathons so far? It was a few months ago when you replied. I've been running about twice a week, I'm so in love with it now! Looking forward to do my 12k tomorrow (in a very cold place, I'm going to my dads tomorrow it's freezing there and there is plenty of snow, opposite to where I live, quite a big change). In my last run I managed to do a 10k in one hour exactly and that was my fastest, I am so bloody thrilled! That was in the mountains though, so a lot of ascending and descending hills, I'm curious to see how will I do in a straight and plain terrain.. I guess I'll find that out tomorrow
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