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    I am finding out it is difficult to run in the winter. My app kept telling me to start running as I was going uphill on ice! I didn't like that until it later told me to start running and I was going downhill. That was scarier! I have grippers on my boots though. I also read a tip on this app to keep your head up and not look down. Well that won't work! I have to see where to place my feet on the trails. I hope my back doesn't start hurting! I like your idea of running in place inside. Not as much fun, but might keep me going. Thanks
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    I am not a runner but love to walk. I am on day 2 and today my knee hurts. Every step of running. Finished day 2 but don't want to hurt my knee so that I won't be able to go hiking! I understand what you are saying. One of my friends said to avoid shin splints, tap your foot about 20 times each. Not sure what to do about knee, but keep going even if you walk. Better than sitting on the couch! Hope you feel better
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