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  1. Hey all, so I have not been running. However, I am walking/fast walking. Baby steps. I do have a suggestion for everyone. So I know I need to lift weights but I hate dumbbells. Therefore, I got kettlebells. Omg my arms are a little sore just from the 5 lb weight. I found an app on my phone to show me the exercise and it works great. Plus there are exercise for a total body workout as well. Thought you guys might like to know. Good luck Linsey
  2. That is so true that is why I prayed before I stared.
  3. I use to love to be active and a small at 140. However, life happened and now I'm 231. This past year, I turned 30 and only recently made the decision to get back in shape. Only thing missing is a lack of support group. Good luck to everyone in there fitness goals for 2016.
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