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  1. New here, too! I also love the word 'wog' cuz that's pretty much what I do! I have tried to be faster and take longer strides, & last week I injured my knee! Now I am back to fast walking, & pretty bummed about it.
  2. Guest_Jen_*, I also need motivation, the couch/tv iPad are definitely a distraction for this 48 year old. I made a commitment to myself earlier tjis year to get healthier, and have been trying to get Sr least a 2-mile walk in 5x a week. Earlier this spring I decided to add 'jogging' to my walking routine. Never been a runner, so I am still struggling. I did do a 5K over the summer, but was not able to 'run' the entire thing, so I am hoping this app will be a saving grace!
  3. Hi, I am swannydog66, add me if you'd like. Day one for me today. Have been working on increasing my ability to 'run' my full 2-mile workout for some time, but the farthest I have come is 1 mile. So, hope to learn tips/tricks here. Last week I injured my knee while 'pushing' too hard to shave time off, so I'm bummed! I will work through it, but may be slow out of the gate!
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