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  1. Thank you all for your kinds words. I really appreciate all the support and advice, and knowing that im not alone in this path helps me a lot. I quit the app for a while now because I was frustrated that I couldn't do what I wanted it, but I will start again Monday and I will do what was told, try and listen to my body, and keep walking. Thank you very much!!!
  2. This is my second day of using the C25k app. I cant jog I can walk faster or power walk, some times I do a little sprint but that's it. My knee hurts when I try to jog Im 330lbs and just starting. Q: Should I do the app everyday? In other words should i do the jog/walk everyday? Thanks
  3. I did it. Instead of jogging I power walk but I completed. 5K here I Go!!
  4. Greetings! Today I start the program. Im obese 339lbs so instead of jogging for a minute I power walk the longest I could. My knee, my hamstring and my back. I completed the thirty minutes today, ao kudos for me
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