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  1. Sorry ladies I had a little bit of family drama that hit with the holidays. All is well I'm still running And trying to cut the bread out. Bread is my downfall. Still Running for the wedding!
  2. Thanks guys! It's crazy because once I started the program I finished and was thinking man I'm hungry. I kept saying well I don't wanna eat that because I just worked out! This was defiantly. What I needed! I've cut soda out completely! I already feel healthier! I'm not wanting anything crazy from the app, but I was recommended this by a friend who with diet went from a size 16 to 00 in over the course of two years! Once again not what I'm looking for but if I can loose a couple of dress sizes and be in the single digits size wise again I'll be a happy camper! Happy running!
  3. Woot woot finished day two of week one! Went by extremely well. I'm sweating like no other, but I refuse to try on a dress feeling like I do right now. I have a year to go and all I want is to feel better about myself! Here I am ready to run!!!!! Please support me on my journey of weightloss as I'm doing this by myself! My soon to be hubby is so wonderful and supportive, but when the work outs get challenging I want to talk with people who are going through the same pain as me! Wish me luck and happy running!
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