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    Hi I am new to this app. I am not and never have been a runner. I am looking to get myself in shape & lose weight so I can enjoy my grandchildren!! I tried a few times to do a Couch to 5K program only to give up. I am so uncomfortable on a daily basis with my weight issues that I have nowhere else to turn. I am praying that this forum & program give me the motivation I need to continue. My ultimate goal is to lose 60 lbs and run a 5k - I will start with my mini goal of 5 lbs and complete week 1 of this program. In other posts that I have read it is ok to repeat days so I know & expect week 1 may take longer then 1 week. My first experience with day 1 - I only completed halfway. Need to start somewhere..
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    Today is day two. I'm glad I found this app to guide me on getting on track and sticking with it. Nice to see I'm not alone. Trebor
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