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  1. There's a lady at our local Sweatshop group who can run 5k on a treadmill but found it quite hard going initially on the runs outside. I think the variation in hills is harder to replicate on a treadmill. I also agree that you should get yourself analysed. I can't recommend my local independent store as they sadly closed down, but they were fantastic. Apparently I'm a neutral runner so hopefully my Asics and my style will reduce the impact of me pounding away on tarmac!
  2. Hi - Another from the UK I finished C25k a few weeks ago - looking forward to running my second park run this Saturday
  3. I'm no expert at running, having only completed the c25k a few weeks back, plus I run at our local sweatshop running community club, and the chap there says it can quite likely be something in your mind - if you want to run for 25 minutes, you need to tell your brain you are carrying on anyway! I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and my brain was grumbling at me to stop for the first 2-3k. I just drop the pace a little and carry on - once you get through that, it isn't so bad... I still suffer from pace issues, i.e. despite having a watch I still set off too quickly (for me), and pay for it halfway through. I haven't yet mustered that consistent pace despite trying to take it easy to start with. Obviously if you're feeling pain, then that's a different matter...
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